PizzaMoji iPhone App: iMessage Stickers & Emojis (Instructions)

pizzamoji app instructions

Download the Pizzamoji sticker pack.

Your messages are about the get a lot more CHEESY!

Share these 75+ Pizza stickers with your friends! (I won’t ask you to share your actual pizza)

*Brought to you by Tim Weydt’s pizza filled brain*

How To Use The Pizzamoji Sticker App:

Step 1: Open an iMessage conversation with a friend. Click on the “App Store” button to the left of the text box.

Step 2: Tap the button with four circles in the bottom left corner. Select the “+” button and turn on Pizzamoji.

Step 3: Select the Pizzamoji app and start sending pizza to your friends. Drag and drop the stickers into your conversations.


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